Saturday, December 18, 2010

I went on a date with Clay Aiken

Ok so I didn't literally go on a date with Clay, but it was his look alike.  I have requests from many friends to start documenting my experiences in the on-line dating scene.  I have been hesitant because I don't want to come off as a shallow bitch, but I do find it hard to keep some of the stories in.  I will state though, that none of my dates have been horrible.  Everyone I have met has been really nice, just not the right person for me.  So here goes......

On-line dating is a tricky thing you see.  Most people search for the best picture they have EVER taken and then that is there profile pic.  The rest of the pictures contain some
kind of amazing photo of a vacation they have been on to let the ladies know they are adventurous.  Please.  The other pictures are of them amongst friends and normally placed far enough away that you really can't see exactly what they look like.  And occasionally you'll get the guy who takes a picture with his nephew to make it look like he loves kids.  It's so cheeseball!!!!  

On this particular date, I was convinced he was smoking hot!  
His profile picture was of him making a very serious face and 
he had on those "geeky cool" thick glasses that lots of guys are 

We chatted a few times via "online website" and text.  Decided to meet at a bar in River North.  He showed up, smiled and I think the expression on my face said it all.  Dead ringer of Clay Aiken. UGH!!!!  Not to mention 6'0 in on-line dating world really means 5'10.  In my head I'm thinking, "well you're here and I'm sure he is nice, don't be a total bitch." So we had a couple drinks and in the end he was a great guy.  Really nice, but not one, single, f****** spark was flying anywhere. What sucks the most about on-line dating is that they don't like you just as much.  So it's a major blow to the ego when you don't like them and come to find out, they think you suck too. He was probably thinking "Jesus crazy chihuahua lady, I get it, you like your job! I'm not buying a suit from you."

I'm not giving up though on my quest for love.  In the end, dating gets my lazy butt off the couch and obviously gives me great writing material.  I don't have the energy to back track on my other dates, although I should.  One time I literally jumped in a bus and left while the guy was still processing why I had to leave all of a sudden.  And another guy, used the word "retard" so lightly it offended me....and I'm hard if not impossible to offend.

Stayed tune....I got a couple more guys in the pipeline so I will have more to report after the holidays.  And if you do have a friend to set me up with, don't be afraid, I won't write about that one;)


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